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Help as many people as you can, and your rank will take care of itself. Shifting your focus to serving others brings way more joy to the journey. - Jenn Hawkins

Mark Twain says “A leader is someone who shows what’s possible.” What I discovered on my way to double diamond is that I wanted to be a leader for one reason.

I believe in the possibilities, even against all odds, most especially yours.

Leadership is seeing the potential, nurturing the potential, and speaking life and truth into others so that they can achieve their impossible.

- Jenn Hawkins

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“Love people well!” That’s the most important piece of advice I can give someone striving for Diamond.

People can see through the fake sales pitch...but if you sincerely care about others...your network will be attracted to you and want what you have!

People have to know you care before they care what you know! -Celeste Gwynn