With the Fast Start Program, new Brand Ambassadors can receive extra Bonus Cash for reaching achievements within a set time period!
And you can earn even more by Personally Sponsoring new Brand Ambassadors on your Level 1 and helping them achieve their own Fast Start Qualifications! When New Brand Ambassadors achieve big, Sponsors will earn a Bonus too!¤

Program Highlights

When completed during the Fast Start timelines, Brand Ambassadors earn Fast Start bonuses in addition to regular weekly and monthly commissions when they share health and happiness with others and help new qualified Brand Ambassadors join their team!¤
Fast Start 30-Day Silver Achievement
New Brand Ambassadors who start building their team by referring 3 new VIP Customers with purchase Welcome Pack and/or 100 PV within their first 30 days can earn a $100 Fast Start Bonus!¤ Check out the most recent Fast Start 30-Day Silver earners!
Fast Start Monthly Earners
New Brand Ambassadors who rank up for the first time to Senior Silver by the end of the 2nd full calendar month, Gold withing 3rd full calendar month or Senior Gold through Senior Ruby within their first 5 full calendar months following upgrade to Brand Ambassador will have the opportunity to earn extra Bonus Cash!¤ Take a moment to congratulate our most recent Fast Start earners!
How to Qualify
Earn enough to help cover your initial order, pay for future purchases, or bring home supplemental income for your family each month. Learn more about the Fast Start Program and spread this exciting news with these helpful resources.¤