Ambassadors hit the ground running with Fast Start Bonuses when they complete Me+3 and Them+3
The simple Sharing System that makes it easy to explain the Plexus® opportunity with others. They also have the opportunity to earn income and bonuses that can be used to pay for products while building a legacy business!¤

Program Highlights

When completed during the Fast Start timelines, Ambassadors earn Fast Start one-time achievement bonuses in addition to regular weekly and monthly commissions when they share health and happiness with others and help new qualified Ambassadors join their team!¤

Get recognized right away! These phenomenal goal-getters are recognized in our Plexus newsletter The Scoop for achieving milestones in our Fast Start Program.
Recent Winners

Carrie Aaron

Corinne Anderegg

Tammy Anderson

Jaqueline Beach

Lauren Boehme

Laney Cheely

Maryanne Diggs

Abrille Dixon

Rhonda Evans

Samantha Galinski

McKinsey Hansel

Benjamin Hernandez

Janice Holt

Marie Hopper

Teresa Jessup

Blaire Kuhlman

Katie Lingg

Tyler Macolly

Raya Moore

Emily Morse

Melissa Osborne

Holly Peterson

Jana Sandy

Hannah Utman

Pamela Watson

Shantelle Young

How to Qualify
Complete Me+3 and Them+3! Once you’ve purchased your $199 Welcome Pack and set up your 100 PV Subscription Order, enroll three new Personally Sponsored Ambassadors with a $199 Welcome Pack, help them do the same, and repeat.