One Plexus is a phrase that has come to define the unique culture of Plexus Worldwide® – both in the field and within the Corporate office. The phrase was conceived as a Convention theme but was soon embraced so fully by all members of the Plexus community that it came to be the definition of our culture. Belief in our shared values. Partnership across the company and field. Unity. Making a difference in your community. Being a blessing when you are blessed.

One Plexus

    The three attributes that most clearly define what One Plexus means are Belief, Partnership, and Action.
  • One Plexus is Belief. Belief in the values of Plexus Worldwide®. Belief in being trustworthy, honest, reliable, and responsible. Belief in the vision and potential that Plexus represents worldwide.
  • One Plexus is a seamless Partnership between and among everyone associated with Plexus. Unity. Stepping forward when there is a need; reaching out to help. Celebrating shared accomplishments over individual achievement.
  • And One Plexus means Action. Taking action where it is needed in your community. Being a port in a storm. Being a blessing when you are blessed.

Awards Info

The One Plexus award was created as a special honor to recognize a few Ambassadors each year who embody the attributes of One Plexus.

The first One Plexus awards were given to Sheila Medina and Cheyenne Weable at the 2016 Plexus “Dream On” Convention.

In 2017 the awards went to Ronnie “Coach” Cuevas and Amy Kosmalski at the annual Plexus “Believe” Convention.

And again, at the 2018 Plexus Legacy “Convention” to Jenn Hawkins and Sara Marble.

One Plexus Guidelines

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2019 Honorees

Jerit Abart
Franklin, TN

Jennifer Leath
Lebanon, TN

2018 Honorees

Jenn Hawkins
Franklin, TN

Sara Marble
Slidell, LA

2017 Honorees

Ronnie “Coach” Cuevas
Gulfport, MS

Amy Kosmalski
Middletown, DE

2016 Honorees

Sheila Medina
Ocean Springs, MS

Cheyenne Weable
Rockwall, TX

Convention Recognition

At Plexus, we are surrounded by countless Ambassadors who inspire us, motivate us, and lift us up to be better in every way. Each year at convention, we have the opportunity to celebrate two of our amazing Ambassadors who go above and beyond.

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